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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My style April 2014 #1

Hi! I am back again! And today I'll talk about my clothing style. 
What is your style?
I'll show you some pictures where I most of the time get my inspiration.

I've lately really been into high heels and a lot of color. I still wear most of the time dark blue. But right now I am wearing a neon pink/orange blouse. And I really like it!.

This watermelon short I really would like to have! It's definitely my style!

These colors <3, I already said that I like dark blue. But I also LOVE mint green. I love wearing a warm sweater in the winter. But when it's mint green it's even better! Also those sneakers are <3

And there it is! Most of the time I wear black or white. But I like those colors (are they colors?). Especially for special happenings. Black and white are always good! (uhmm most of the time i think). It looks really classy! I love it!

You see, dark blue!!

My style in 1 picture <3 <3 L O V E!!!

Cute high heels! I think every girl should have at least 1 pair of heels.

Skater skirts!!!!!!!!!!!! It's such a simple clothing piece but it's so classy! I'm in love with them!

The style Miley Cyrus had in the music video 23 was really cool to me. I really like that basketball style.

Prints! I don't know but they just give a little extra to an outfit!

I want to say that these picture's aren't mine. I found them on weheartit 
I Put the link under the pictures to my weheartit so you also can see who posted the picture's first (I rehearted the picture's). 

I hope you liked this (uhum long) article. Let me know in the comments what your style is. I think I have a really girly style but with an edgy touch.
Until Next time!
Xx Anna

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