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Monday, September 22, 2014

Why I don't like bestseller's

First of all, this is my opinion. I have a thing with bestselling books. It all began with the book 'three friends'. Everyone liked it, but I didn't. Same with The Hunger games and The Fault in our stars.

As I said this is my opinion, but I think I expect more of a best selling book. I red the first book of The Hunger games, I thought it was a really sad and not completed book (I don't like books with a open end). I asked my friends what they liked about the first book. They said 'the second book is better than the first!'. I was like: ''well if I don't like the first book, why should I read the second book.'' End of the Hunger games to me.

A few weeks ago I reservated at the library the Fault in our stars. I waited for two months I think for this book to come. I almost forgot I reserved it. When they send me an e-mail I emediately went to the library to pick it up.
I came home and started reading. I red it in three days. It felt terrible. Already the second day I was pissed about this book. Not what I expected at all! The thing is, everyone said it was a good book. But I absolutely couldn't understand it.  (I'm not going to give spoilers so I hope it is sort of clear). 

That was it for this little post. Let me know what you think about bestsellers. Also, I like Harry Potter books a lot. So I do like some bestsellers!
Until next time!

Have you ever had a bad opinion about a bestseller?


  1. Normaal lees ik ook nooit de bestsellers, de enige bestsellers waar ik verslaafd aan ben zijn de Harry Potter boeken haha, maar daar moet je ook maar net van houden, ik heb ze in elk geval al allemaal 5 keer gelezen of zo.

  2. Leuk artikel. Ik lees soms wel bestsellers maar boeken (of films) als bijvoorbeeld The Hunger Games snap ik niet wat iedereen er aan vind. Nu moet ik zeggen ik heb de film van The Hunger Games gezien en net het boek, misschien dat daar een verschil in is. The Fault In Our Stars heb ik ook nog niet gelezen. Puur omdat ik houd van vroolijke/spannende boeken. Ik ben niet zo van de drama boeken.

    ik heb je genomineerd voor de Liebster award! Je kan meer info op mijn site vinden.


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