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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Project FOOD #1 25 food questions TAG

Yeay I've worked on this project for a few weeks now and it's finally going up! Project FOOD! I just love food and good recipes! So this project is going to be really fun! Every 2 weeks I make a blog post about what I ate the past weeks. And to start of this Project I decided to do the 25 food questions TAG created  by Pauline... Enjoy!

What is your favorite breakfast?
I normally eat bread. But on Sunday we all eat homemade croissants and fresh orange juice! NOM. I also like yogurt with blueberries as breakfast!

How do you drink your coffee?
Well, I don't like coffee. But I like ice coffee a little!

What's on your favorite sandwich?
Sweet red pepper sauce, chicken and lettuce. NOM

Soup or salad?
Well I really like pasta salad. But I also do love tomato soup. I think I like soup more.

What's your favorite Cookbook?
Uhm, I really like 'eigen taart is goud waard' from Blond Amsterdam.

Never sweet or never salty?
Easy, I do love sweet things. But my love for salty things is just bigger. 
Ah, cashew nuts!!!

Which country is your favorite (food related of course!)?
Italian food! Pizza, Pasta, Icecream! If you ask me pasta or potatoes, I say pasta. Rise or pasta, PASTA! Also I really like carpaccio!

What is your favorite food movie?
Uhmm, Comme un chef!

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Stroopwafel icecream! HOLLA! I can eat a lot of that!

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mom! Her food is amazing!

Eating at home or in restaurant?
Definently home! As I already said my mom cooks amazing!

High end or low profile?
Uhm I don't understand this question hehe.

What is your favorite restaurant?
An all you can eat restaurant or an Italian restaurant.

Where do you do your shoppings?
Lidl or Jumbo.

The best thing you ever ate?
Uhm, Pizza at a small market in a little town in France. The pizza was made in a car with a pizza oven inside! NOM, It was the best pizza magharita I ever had!

What is your favorite cocktail?
UHM Hi, I'm 15

Coffee with George (Clooney) or Heston (Blumenthal)?
Uh, George Clooney I think (uhm whut?)

What can not miss in your kitchen?
Something to treat myself ;P

Your favorite snack?
Uhm cashew nuts! And taco chips with tomato salsa.

What is on your favorite pizza?
Salami, cheese, mozarella and italian spices :)

Something you really don't like?
Carbon, all sorts of carbon. Just not my thing...

Your favorite foodblog?
I'm not really into food blogs. Just because I get hungry everytime, OOPS.
But I really like Pauline her foodblog.

The craziest thing you have ever eaten?
Uhm, duck. And it was really good actually! Haha

What is on your food bucket list?
Hmm, I don't know that right now... Maybe Frog or something...

Something you can't live without?

That was it for today's post! I hope you liked it! And look forward to more #projectFOOD posts!
Until next time!


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