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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blue Monday? No I survived!

Blue Monday is a name given to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) purported to be the most depressing day of the year. (by wikipedia)

Do you believe in Blue Monday? I don't, but this week I almost believed in it.
I had to do a lot for school because I have been sick last week. And I survived!
Today I share some Blue things which will help you survive through these kind of weeks!

Yeay, this bracelet made me so happy this week! I got it from my lovely cousin a year ago, something like that. And I love it! It's absolutely my color! BLUE. I wore this bracelet every day of the week haha! Beautiful!

Wear things that make you happy! Believe me it works!

This week I didn't actually ate chocolate. Even tough that ^ chocolate is HEAVEN! I ate Greek yogurt a lot.. Perfection! I like to throw walnuts and a little sugar in the bowl. And when it's getting Summer (not really) I like to add strawberries or BLUE berries!

Treat yourself with something good! (chocolate is the best hehe)

Remember: Behind every cloud is a sunshine!
I love to watch the clouds so much!

Look up! You never know what you will see! 
(watch out for bird poop, the only downside...)

Yeay so I finally found some time to relax and fill my real scrapbook. And I love it! I printed some photo's and I had so much fun with decorating! I think I'm going to make a blogpost about it! With tips and stuff! So much fun!

Take some me-time! Relax!

Not really a blue thing but I had to mention this. It was snowing this morning! The last time I had snow I was in Finland. So when I woke up I heard my sister talking. She said ''It's white outside!'' I immediately jumped out of bed and screamed of happiness! Haha! But it probably won't last long... So that means I have to enjoy every second of it!

ALSO yesterday at school we got our grades for English writing and I got the best of our class! Together with an other boy, but I was so happy! 8.5!!! You can tell I was pretty excited about that haha!

That was it for today! Look forward to more posts this upcoming week!
I'll see you soon!

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