Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beautiful forest :)

Forest green, a few days ago I went to the forest to walk a little. I took my camera with me and made some snapshots. Here we go!
Do you go to the forest often?

My mother said I had to look down. I saw this beautiful moss GREEN!

The forest is slowly getting green! I can't wait for spring and summer! The cold has been too hard for me haha! Everybody is struggling with the flu...
The winter was nice but I like the warm seasons more!

Luckily we have a forest nearby our house. I like to walk, but only if we have food with us. Haha, joking. This time I felt a little weak for some reason. After an hour walking I felt hungry and wanted to go home. But it was really refreshing to go out! I need to do it more often :)

That was it for today! I hope you all liked to see my forest pictures! I hope I inspired you to go to the forest too! 
I see y'all soon!

Do you have a forest near you? 


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