Tuesday, March 03, 2015

''Cuz you know we're all about that cake''

Hello everyone! Today I share some of my guilty pleasures, Pie! We (my mother and I) love to bake pie! So today I have some pictures of pie's/cakes we tried out! Enjoy! (Warning! don't read this when you are hungry hehe)

This pie..... A chocolate toffee pie! The only thing we had to change was the bottom. It was a little too hard. But still good!

Butter cake! Something I can't get enough about! I think it is one of my favorite cakes! YUM!

I've told you about this pie in this post already! Everything with strawberries in or on it, seems so good to me! Do you love strawberries as much as I do?

''Pie's don't have to look perfect!'' This was a strawberry (again hehe) yogurt pie. It came out of a baking box from dr'Oetker. Really good :)

Unbaked apple pie! Actually we baked it haha. ANYWAY apple pie, also really good I think. My favorite version of an apple pie is: apple, strawberry (again :)) and vanilla. But I also like the version with apple and blueberries. NOM

Apple crumble cake, I used to eat this very much when I was younger. I mean, who doesn't love crumble! Talking about crumble, I would love to eat strawberry (little much?) crumble with vanilla ice. I haven't eaten that in a long time...
So bomb!

And last but not least the nut-apple-toffee-sweet-ish pie! It doesn't really have a name... Anyway, my mom is entering a pie contest and she was trying out this recipe for a long time. Sadly I couldn't eat it because it was too sweet. Something in the family, a stomach cramp problem. But  it looks so good. Nuts are like heavennnn!

So, I hope you all enjoyed this post!
I will see y'all soon!

Are you a little into baking or eating pie's and cakes? Let me know!


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