Saturday, April 11, 2015

#diywithanna27 Little Lavender

Hello y'all! Today I have a little 'do it yourself' for you. You know the feeling? Seeing lavender fields in France (Provence). Riding in your open car with a french baguette. Smelling the Lavender. Ultimate luxury feeling...
(btw never had a open car, just to describe the feeling hehe)

What you need:

A lavender plant/ lavender branches

My mother decided to cut the lavender short in our garden. So there will be growing new fresh lavender branches soon. The branches are what we need for this little DIY.

I took two hands full of branches lavender. It depends on how big you want to have your lavender smelling bouquet. I decided to go for one bigger bouquet.

I tied a 'nice' bow around the branches to keep them in place.

After that I brought them to my room. I put them not too far away from my bed. Lavender is a nice scent to sleep with.

You can keep them for a long time if they dry good. If you think they don't look or smell good anymore, just throw them away.

I think it looks cute! It smells good!
Let me know if you are going to try this out!
I hope you liked it!

I'll see you soon!

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  1. Ahh wat een leuk idee! Ik hou echt van die geur, ga het eens uitproberen <3 liefs sabrina


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