About Anna

Hello there! I'm Anna!

I'm 18 years old. I like many things, but photography, travelling and food (especially the eating part) are what I really love. I live in a small country called the Netherlands. Where I sometimes miss the fresh Finnish forest air (because yeahh I'm half Dutch, half Finnish).

Things I like? Harry Potter (audio)books, Pinterest, Finnish cinnamon buns, lists, languages, the Disney movie Tangled, Gryffindor, chocolate, a warm blanket, do it yourself projects, formula 1, Dutch speculaas and swimming in a lake...

Owner of a Nikon and a Canon camera (yes, it's weird I know) I like to capture the things around me. I'm studying 'Communication and Multimedia Design' and I enjoy it a lot.

That's also for my blog, a place on the big interwebs where I get to share my photographs, ideas and everything else I like.

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  1. You have a great website!
    Thaaaanks 4 the inspiration! ♥


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