Saturday, March 22, 2014

Anna's Weekly

Right now, I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop on a pillow. I just made french homework and now i am surfing the web. For some inspiration i go on weheartit and see spring picture's. Blossom, Eiffel tower, sun everything that i like. I go wild with hearting pictures and then i see room inspiration. 

weheartit by noorstrawberry

I look around my room and see on the mirror the text 'Spring is in the air' and then i see myself. I'm wearing my mint pastel pants and a shirt with an Aztec print. I feel sassy because of my new peachy color on my lips. It's the NYC city proof twistable intense lip color in the shade 'peach on the beach'. I don't know why but it makes my feel happy when i put this on my lips.

I realize that spring is finally here, yesterday actually. Last Sunday the weather here in the Netherlands was great. I went outside and took my camera with me and made blossom picture's. I think that i like taking flower pictures the most. Because every flower picture is different

Now the weather here is a little weird. 10 seconds ago the sun was blinding me and now i am sitting in the dark shadow of the clouds. The weather is weird these times... 

My feet's are getting cold. Hold on a second i am putting on my socks. There they are my green fuzzy socks. Fact about me: i always have cold feetEven if it's summer. Now i hear the rain on the glass of my window. My room is on the loft of our house. When we moved into this house my sister liked the room on the first floor better. I was fine with that because now i have the biggest bedroom in the house! 
Last week was nothing special for me my week was homework learning and hanging out with my friends. Next week i have project week at school. I have to stop know i hear my mother and sister coming in and I'm going to lunch. 
How was your week?

Until next time!
Xx Anna 


  1. Hi my lovely cousin Anna! You have nice blog! Its nice that i can read how are you. I miss you and i hope Joulu coming soon becase then we see again! <3
    Oh im so NOT good writing English but i hope you understan:D

  2. Ik ben echt blij dat de lente er weer is. Maar het weer in Nederland blijft idd raar. De enige dag super warm, en de nacht er na vries het weer. Hopelijk snel veel zon <3

  3. Wat een mooie en kleurrijke foto's. Prachtig om van het lente weer te genieten, als we er echt van mogen genieten dan ;)


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