Thursday, May 08, 2014

The perfect youtube/blog TAG

Hi!, Today I'll do the perfect Youtube/blog TAG. This TAG is created by Hester ( I think) but, I changed it a bit. She created the perfect blog TAG. I made it the perfect Youtube/Blog TAG. Enjoy....

The Lay-out of.... Andy

I love the way she did her lay-out. Her blog is about Fashion. She travels around 
the world. Her blog (scrapbook) is where she post picture's of her outfit's.
The time she put into this lay-out! amazing.....

The Picture's of.... Vera

Amazing picture's!!! Also her article's are perfect :)

The Life of.... Jiami

I don't say she has the perfect life. But she is 14 and she is already so
successful!! I also love her lay-out. She all did it by herself... 

The Make-up skills of.... Michelle

I love her Youtube channel. Her make-up skills are awesome. But also her drawings and her stories about inner beauty.

The Nailart skills of.... (uhhh)

I'm sure there are some good nail art artist but I don't follow them. Because nail art isn't my biggest passion. (I don't really like that feeling of something on my nails hehehe).

The Film qualities of.... Bethany

Yes.. I just think she has the most wonder full video's. I love her.

The personality of.... Willemijn and Martine

These two girls have a blog together. And they are both so funny!!!! I always laugh so hard when they have a new video up! Love them!!

The Knowledge of.... Mascha

She is so talented! She knows so much!! She had last Friday and Saturday 
her own party with 2500 readers!!!

So That was my Perfect Youtube/Blog TAG. I hope you liked it! 
Which Youtubers or bloggers do you like?
Until next time!
Xx Anna


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