Sunday, June 08, 2014

Anna's Weekly

*collage by weheartit

Hi! I haven't posted anything in a while. Busy with school... Only 4 weeks left before Summer holiday!!! I'm excited!
Also the 27th of June is my Birthday!!! June is my favorite month! haha.

The weather is these summer days so nice. I'm getting a new camera for my birthday (!!!). I love the summer!

When is have my new camera I'll also start my youtube channel! I have already a really good idea with my friend Dieke for a cooking video!!! Later more about that ;)

I've been walking more around recently, and I've found some pretty nice (picture) locations :) 
Lately I've been more into fashion, so maybe in the future :)...

A throwback picture: Donuts in the Efteling! They were so yummy!

So that's it for this post. I'm going to eat breakfast (croissants and yogurt with blueberry's yummmm). Hopefully you're doing it all well :) and Until next time!!!

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