Monday, August 11, 2014

Anna's weekly

Hey! Today I have a lot to tell so let's begin!
I already told in my last post that I want to start making youtube videos. But my editing software is not made for me (if you know what i mean). As soon as I have my new editing program I'll make some videos :). I have a lot video ideas so stay tuned :)!

The days I had in Paris 2 weeks ago were really nice! We went 3 days, the first and second we stayed in the city. The third day we went to Versailles... It was beautiful!

My summer break has been for so far really good. Only the past 2 days we had really bad weather in the Netherlands. But besides that it has been great!

I have two weeks left which I'm really sad about. But happily I'm going to hang out with my friends a lot more now :)

Lately I've been really into Tumblr and weheartit. I get much inspiration from those two site's!

So that is everything for now, hope you liked this little update!

Until next time! Xx Anna

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I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

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