Sunday, August 24, 2014

My first memories :)

A few days ago we had a party of our friends. The first thing that I ever remembered was their wedding. A few days ago was their big anniversary/birthday party, in their garden...

*I took this picture with my phone

When we were there I felt a little stupid. I didn't brought my camera! But actually it wasn't stupid because I thought why should I bring that big camera to a birthday party? So my parents were so sweet, my father and I drove back home and took my camera :)

On our way to the party again, It started raining... We were back at the party and almost all the candles were off :( But it was still beautiful!

There was a pizza car! There were two guys making the best pizza's ever! I was completely amazed!

The pizza salami was the best I thought :)


*I took this photo with my phone

And after eating my pizza, I realized my camera was out of battery :(

Here are some snapshots that I took before I ate my pizza.

*I took this photo with my phone

That was it for this post. Hope you liked it!

Until next time!


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