Saturday, September 20, 2014

Operation Market Garden 2014

Right now I'm sitting outside. Writing this post on my laptop, really enjoying these last summer days since fall is around the corner. This last week we had operation market garden. Operation market garden happened 70 years ago. American, Canadian, British and Australian soldiers came to Belgium and the Netherlands to liberate them from the German domination in World War two. Belgium and the south of the Netherlands were saved by operation market garden. But the rest of the Netherlands sadly not. The rest of the Netherlands had the hunger winter. But because market garden succeed here in the area. We had a whole happening this week...

First a little bit more history. Operation market garden didn't succeed above the river Rijn (sort of border between the south and the middle of the Netherlands). This happened because the Germans had already taken over the bridge in Arnhem (above the Rijn). This battle of the bridge in Arnhem is also known as one bridge too far.

The first thing noticed from market garden were airplanes. Old airplanes, more than usual. Last Sunday there were parachutes! While I'm writing this, there are still old airplanes flying over :)

Here some snapshots I made during this week:

(I personally really like this photo hehe)

In a temporary base camp were a lot of motors and different army cars. Also stands where you could ask more information. Really cool!

My friend and I had fun with this phone signboard. We were trying to speak English with a British accent (public phooone no chaaarge). FUNNY!

That was it for this post. I hope you liked it!
Untill next time!

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