Sunday, October 19, 2014

50 questions of Fall TAG

Yeay! A TAG again! This time the 50 questions of fall tag inspired by this girl on tumblr. Let's jump into this!

1: What is your favourite ‘ber’ month Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec)
I think December because of all the holidays and new year coming up!

2: What is your favourite autumn leaf
The red one!

3: What did you dress as for Halloween last year?
We don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands but for carnival I dressed a few years ago like a witch.

4: What is your favourite fall food
Apple pie! Hmmm love it!

5: Do you have any fall traditions
When I was little we went to the forest and searched for chestnuts!


6: Do you have any Halloween traditions?

7: What music do you like to listen to during fall?
Uhmm, probably more the acoustic songs because of the cozy thoughts. Hehe

8: What is your favourite fall outfit?
A cozy blue sweater with comfy jeans and my Tamaris boots.

9: Favourite spooky movie?
The nightmare before Christmas.

10: S’mores or pumpkin pie?
I have never taste them, oops haha.

11: Hot chocolate or warm apple cider?
Hot chocolate.

12: Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?
Never tried one. Oops

13: What is your favourite day of the year?
Sinterklaas!  It is a dutch sort of Christmas. Here more information about Sinterklaas.

14: What would your familiar be, if you had one?
I don't know what it means.

15: What is your favourite part about fall blogging?
The vibe! Really cozy and colorful!

16: What is the story behind your URL
Anna27scrapbook: Anna is my name - 27 is the day I was born (27th of June) - scrapbook because i see my blog as a scrapbook where I can write and show everything I like and do. :)

17: What is the best thing about your town during fall?
The lights!


18: What is your favourite fall food?
Uhm? Same as point 4 haha! Apple pie!

19: Tea or coffee?

20: Halloween or Christmas?
Christmas because we don't celebrate Halloween here. And Christmas is just a part of being half Finnish! And I love it! :)

21: Cats or bats?

22: Do you enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns?
I have done it once and it was a little mess!

23: What is your favourite fall colour?

24: Why did you start your fall blog?
Well my blog has a Halloween theme because I think it looks really nice! And I just love the thoughts of Halloween here! Haha!


25: Do you have a ‘main blog’. Link them!
Well this is my main logo! And my blog (where you are at now!).

26: Spooky or sweet?

27: Trick or treat?

28: Do you enjoy visiting graveyards?

29: What is your favourite fall memory?
Uhmmm, I don't have a clue!

30: What was your best fall ever?
I don't know haha!

31: Gloves or mittens?

32: Do you enjoy ice skating?

33: If you could spend fall anywhere, where would you choose?
Scandinavia somewhere! There are two weeks of fall and after the two weeks the winter starts!


34: What’s your dream Halloween outfit?
A really cute minion outfit!

35: Be honest… are you already stocking up for fall?
Of course yes! Hehe

36: Do you enjoy the other seasons?

37: How do you plan to spend this Halloween?
On the couch with a blanket and a Halloween movie!

38: In ONE sentence… WHY do you love fall so much?
I like it because of all the coziness and the colors!

39: What is your favourite fall makeup look?
Mascara- eyeliner - red lipstick.

40: What is your favourite fall candle scent?

41: Do you enjoy Christmas?
Yesss! A lot!


42: What is your favourite store during fall?
Uhmm the bakery of course!

43: Do you enjoy cold weather?
Yes! But I like the warm weather better!

44: What is your least favourite thing about fall?
Rain when I'm cycling to school!

45: What is your favourite Halloween candy?
I don't know.

46: What is one thing you’d love to try during fall, but haven’t yet?
Halloween celebrating in the United States!

47: What do your friends and family think of your fall obsession?
Uhm really cool! Playing games inside!

48: Be honest… are you already planning your fall-themed wedding?

49: Do you have fall/Halloween boards on Pinterest. Link them!
No, but I have a pinterest! My pinterest

50: Do you enjoy rain?
Only when I'm inside!

That was it for today!
Until next time!

Do you love fall?

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  1. Ik heb die pumpkin latte ook nooit gehad ;) Ik ben ook dol op december.


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