Sunday, October 26, 2014

My week in Belgium day 2

Yeay! So a new day of my week in Belgium! Click here for day 2:

The second day was a little rainy. We woke up pretty early and ate breakfast.

We watched some TV and played games like Machiavelli.

We decided to go to Oostende and we did some shopping. *This was the only picture I took with my camera in Oostende that day. So I took some pictures with my phone:

*My phone

 We went in a bookshop and wow! So many cool books! Then I found this book, I was looking at the cover and yes, it was the fault in our stars (I wrote a blogpost about it). So I was like, why does this book look so cool when it is a really sad book?! We went on to the supermarket.

*My phone

In the supermarket we were looking for food (obviously!). We walked into the make-up section and BEAM Cover girl! I didn't even know that Cover girl (make-up brand) was available in Europe! But, I didn't bought anything because I'm saving up some money.

After the short trip to Oostende we relaxed a little.

So we bought a few things in Oostende. We went to Oil and Vinegar. Love for this shop! We bought there 3 types of vinegar (strawberry, date and fig). Nommerz. And we went to the Yves Rocher and bought there 6 showergels of my favorite perfume! For a really good price (€6 for all of the 6 !).

We ate dinner and that was already it for day 2!

Until next time!



  1. Was zo te lezen dus gezellig! Ik had je sms ontvangen, maar ik had geen beltegoed meer. Vandaar geen antwoord.

    Ly xx

  2. Nu heb ik zin in frieten met mayo :P.

  3. Belgiƫ is meestal leuk toch, en nu dus ook! TFIOS is zoooo'n mooi boek, hou er echt van. (Je achtergronden met pomoens is trouwens echt geweldig)


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