Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My week in Belgium day 3

Hello again! Before I start I wanted to say thank you for all the good reactions I had on my last 2 posts! I really like to read them! But let's get to the point. 
Day 3 in Belgium!

We decided to go to Brugge. A bigger town in Belgium half an hour away from de Haan. A historical city with lots of cute shops and restaurants.

Also chocolate shops (chocolateries)! They had all kind of chocolate figures! Because of Halloween this cute little witch!

Happy snowman's! (comment down below if you think about Olaf!)


We walked to beautiful places.

And more beautiful places...

And more.... In Brugge they also have canal's. Really beautiful!

The taste of Autumn!

And the taste of fresh cookies!

The church were the statue Madonna was standing. I saw here in the movie called 'The monuments men'. A really cool movie! So we had to see her...


 The statue is called Madonna and child. They were renovating the church from the inside so it was kind of different then it was before but we could still see Madonna! (as you can see)

I love candles!

We ate at Pasta and Presto! A really cool take away restaurant with the possibility to buy pizza and pasta. I took a pasta bolognese. My mother pasta with four sorts of cheese and my sister and father a pizza. And it was really good! Also it was really cheap (3,50 for a small (not smal!) pasta bolognese!).

And this was the view outside the restaurant.

Brugge you are beautiful!


Sint-Annaplein! Yeay my name!

And this was the Sint-Anna church! From the inside it was really beautiful but I didn't took a picture because it was too quiet. Haha

We went back to de Haan and ate fries as dinner! They weren't as good as real Belgian fries, but it was still good!

Also I had to get calamaris, YUM!

So, I actually made something like 400/500 photo's of Brugge. But this was actual a good summery of what happened that day! Hahaha, I hope you liked it anyway! Day 4 will be up Saturday I think! But there  will be up more posts this week so stay tuned!

Until next time!


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  1. Lijkt me een leuke stad, ben er nog nooit geweest. Leuke foto's (:


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