Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Autumn flu - Anna's weekly

The ultimate autumn day for me starts with a deeply colored sunrise. It is that one thing that can make your day better. Even if your having a flu...

So when I woke up I felt tired a lot. Like I hadn't slept at all. So together with the pain in my throat I felt really sick. So I'm home right now. Drinking water and sleeping under my warm blanket. The past few weeks have flown away really fast! All the holidays start in already a month! And I'm so excited for that!

First Sinterklaas. The dutch Santa. Next Saturday (15 November) he will come to the Netherlands and after that he will bring kids presents for 3 weeks. Kids will put theirs shoes in front of the fire place or somewhere in the house and sing songs. The next day they will have a small present (which fits in their shoes). Most of the time family's do that 2/3 times a week or something like that. On the 5th of December it's his birthday and then it is Sinterklaas eve. He with his helpers come to the doors of all the family's and give them presents (Same as Santa and his elf's. The 5th of December is the same as Christmas eve).

Beautiful autumn leaves!
(Soon their will be up a recipe! Stay tuned!)

Last sunday we ate pizzas from the italian market and they were amazing! I just had to share it! NOM

Besides all the cool things coming up. I still have to do my homework. But making it a little more comfortable makes it all little less harder :)

For the end of the day a sunset. And so the end of my post. I hope you liked it. And I will see you soon! Bye,


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  1. Ik kan niet wachten tot Sinterklaas eindelijk in het land is :) zo leuk altijd hoe de kinderen gaan stralen :3


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