Saturday, November 15, 2014

Baking with Anna #1 Speculaas

So today I start a new series on my blog: Baking/Cooking with Anna!
So today I share my favorite Sinterklaas time recipe. Dutch Speculaas...

So this are the ingredients and measurements:

200 grams Self raising flour
125 grams Dark brown sugar ('donker bruine basterd suiker')
2 Spoons of Pumpkin spice (speculaaskruiden)
A pinch of salt
150 grams Cold hard butter
1 Spoon of milk

Warm the oven up to 175 degrees ('Celsius)

A bowl and scales.

200 grams of the self raising flower in a bowl.

This is something difficult in the recipe. They only have it in the Netherlands. It's called 'Donker bruine basterd suiker'. I think you can replace it to brown sugar but I'm not sure. I'm going to test it I think (let me know if you did).

125 grams of the *brown sugar.

2 spoons of the pumpkin spice.

A pinch of salt

150 grams cold hard butter and get ready to mix it all up!

Add the milk and mix it all up.

I decided to mix it with my hands but you can do it with a mixer.

The last part of the mixing process you have to make the dough a ball shape.
Like ^ there

Make the dough flat to 1 Cm. And place it in the oven.
You can make little or small pieces. I decided to go with one big piece. 

After 30 minutes you should be ready. Sometimes it is less sometimes it is more. The speculaas must be sort of crunchy.
The day after is the taste more intense!

And ready is the Speculaas!!!

I worked with the european measurments.

Let me know if you are going to try it out!
Until next time!



  1. Hmmm speculaas is zo lekker :)

  2. Yammie, ik ben gek op speculaas! Dit recept ga ik zeker onthouden!

  3. Dit ziet er zo lekker uit! Ik heb nog nooit zelf speculaas gemaakt. Misschien dat daar maar eens verandering in moet komen.

  4. Super leuk! dit recept ga ik onthouden ^^
    Ik volg je trouwens ook vanaf nu via bloglovin ^^ xx

  5. Yummie, speculaas! Denk dat ik binnenkort ook maar ga bakken! :)

  6. Klinkt heerlijk :D ik wil dit zeker wel eens proberen!

  7. Wat doe je me aan?! :) Nu heb ik zo'n zin in speculaas! Ik heb een paar jaar terug eens gevuld speculaas gemaakt en dat was zo lekker. X


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