Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Day in.... The Efteling

So today, as every Saturday I have a long post :) And it's about my favorite  theme park today!

Here are some snapshots!

So a few weeks back my sister, mother and I drove to the Efteling to have a magical day! It was really sunny, one of the last warm days here in the Netherlands. A perfect day for this wonderful theme park!

Of course a map! Even tough we know this park so well! Hehe

It was a normal busy day. Not too much people, but still busy.

The begin of Autumn! Beautiful!

The Sinterklaas statue! 

We went two days before the winter Efteling started so they already decorated some houses! It was so nice!




We went in the Pagode and I made some cool air pictures. Also my Lay-out Background!


The candy house!

These following pictures are made with my phone because the better camera died of battery (NOOOO)

1,2 Autumn! 3. These cute stuffed animals in one of the shops! 4. The beautiful boats!

The magical water show Aquanura! The biggest in Europe!

The WOOOOOOOOOW moments! Hehehe

1,2 Efteling at night! Ahhh all those lights! Love love love! 3,4 In the Pagode to see the area around the Efteling in the dark! Beautiful!

And that was it for this post! I hope you liked it!
Until next time! (SOON!)

Have you ever been in the Efteling?



  1. Leuk! Ik ben nog maar één keer in de efteling geweest.

    Liefs, Elbrich

  2. Wij zijn laatste nog in de Efteling geweest, alleen was het niet normaal druk toen :( Blijft het mooiste pretpark vind ik :)

  3. Ik vind de efteling heeeel leuk! Echt leukste pretpark! Ik wil er weer eens heen :)

  4. Wat leuk om te zien! Ik ben nog nooit naar de Efteling geweest...

  5. Nu wil ik er ook nog eens naartoe ^^x xx

  6. Ooh die sinterklaas standbeeld, super tof! Ik vond die watershow ook echt prachtig. Zo mooi kunnen ze dat doen met water en licht.


I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

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