Wednesday, November 05, 2014

My week in Belgium day 4

Today I share day 4 of my week in Belgium!

The last full day in Belgium. So we head off to the beach in Knokke this time. The beach was kind of boring. We went to the touristic information point and asked for more information. They said it was more a summer festive village. We decided to go back to Oostende where we stayed for 2 hours the last time we were there.

When we were driving to Oostende we had to cross a bridge. But the boat was first. It was a boat from Sweden!

So we were finally in Oostende and this was one of the first things I saw. A beautiful old house with a ugly apartment above! Haha really weird! But it was a really nice day tho!

Oostende has modern sides.

And old sides! I really likes this church. So beautiful!

Behind the 'nice' church was also a normal church. Really weird again! Haha.

We passed by a Belgian snack bar. And bought some dutch doughnuts! HMMMMM

And of course Belgian fries! Yum!

We walked to the beach of Oostende and walked around a little.

We saw this art thing something (I don't know how you call it hehe). It made me think of presents wrapped in paper.


We walked back to our car and went back to de Haan again. Oostende was really cool!

We decided after dinner to go to the beach for the last time. And the lights were beautiful!

After a little walk on the beach we ate something back home. I was focussing with my camera on one point of my cake. I think it looks really yummy!

That was it for day 4! I hope you liked it!
Day 5 will be up soon!
Until next time!


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  1. Die monumenten heb ik ook gezien, ik had even een herkenningsmomentje. Van deze posts krijg ik altijd zo'n zin in frieten!


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