Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Best viewed blogposts

Hi everyone! So 2014 is almost over! For today I decided to share with you the 4 most viewed blogposts of this year! Everyone is doing the 'Flashback blogpost post' lately. And I like to read them, so I decided to do one to! 
Let's jump into this!
First of all I want to thank you all for this amazing year! I started in February with blogging and for so far I have been loving it! Because of all the good comments and seeing my blog growing! It really makes me happy! Thank you!

Here we go!


Good to know that you all like Baking/recipe posts! I love this recipe and I am still making this Speculaas really often! It is just so good I think! Also a good thing to know, a lot of you reacted on this recipe! I love reading your comments!

I am really interested in History. So I was really excited to put this post up! I really like to see this in my top 3! I have a good memory of me and my friend! Public phoooone no chaaaarge! We had fun that day!

 I am happy this is one of the most viewed posts because it was one of the first posts I wrote. It is from March! It was just a personal update about what I was doing that day. Also my first Anna's Weekly!

And the first most viewed blogpost is!

I Love the Efteling! I posted this two months ago. A very recent post! I just get happy everytime I look back at the photo's
Have you ever been in the efteling? 

2014, It has been a good year I think! What do you think?
Was 2014 a good year for you? 

I see you hopefully next time!


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