Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Anna's Weekly ~ Winter Vibe

So, lately I've been busy. Busy with school. Busy with family and friends. I love spending times with my family and friends :) So today I have a new Anna's weekly just to talk a little about what's going on...

So Christmas is almost there and I'm really excited about that! We are going to see our family and spend so much time together! Ah so excited! Talking about family and friends... Last Saturday I had a really fun times with my friends! we were at my place and made some fun pictures! I love it! Hihi

But I'm also a little tired. It has been a really busy time and I really need a holiday! Only 5 more days! YEAH! What are you going to do? I'm going to spend much time with my family and maybe do some shopping :)

Have you noticed something? Christmas vibe? Yes I made some pictures of our Christmas tree! I think they are a little dark. But I think I like how it turned out actually! Our Christmas tree is fake but I don't mind. I like it!

Yes, that is me in the bauble! Haha, I'm collecting some footage for my new Christmas themed video! Look forward to that! It's going to be fun!

Yes! My favorite type of outfit for this time of the year! A soft pair of leggings a skirt and a long cardigan! My favorite colour? Navy blue! Haha, My closet is like 75% navy blue! Oops hehe. Which colour do you wear the most?

Can we just talk a little about the new album from Taylor Swift! I don't listen to anything else anymore! It is so good! My favorite songs are Blank space, Bad blood, Winter wonderland and Wildest dreams. Actuallty the whole cd is perfection! My whole family likes the album too haha!

What do you think about 1989, Taylor Swift her new album?

Until next time!


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