Saturday, December 27, 2014

My goals for 2015

Yeay almost 2015! Right as I write this I already make a mistake... I write 2014, hehe. It's time to write down my goals for 2015!

I'm not really into putting effort into my outfits. Most of the time I just grab something that looks comfortable. Besides that I have a thing with navy blue. I can't remember the day I didn't wore something navy blue... I just think it is a beautiful colour and it looks good on me. So maybe I have to change some things up. Wear more colour and put more effort into my outfits haha!

I am doing this already a lot. My love for photography started with photographing sunsets. Hanging out of the window with a camera in my hands. Just love...

Yes, that is something what really irritates me. I don't have the time to finish a project or I just fail at it. Like this glass above. I was photographing it because I wanted to make a photo tutorial on how to decorate a glass. For putting a candle into it. Really cute idea. But I ruined it... immediately after this picture was taken. My arm touched the glass paint. So I decided to stop with it. It dried really ugly. And after all of that I was filming for my video. I put a candle in the glass and I burned myself...

I love to bake as you probably already know. And this year I also want to cook more. Just trying out new recipes and all those things! I really like it!

Spending time with family and friends. This year has been really busy. So I want to spend more time with my family and friends of course! Btw I think this picture turned out really good! Hihi

Something I want to practice. I think photographing in the dark is really cool! 

Yeay I think this is something I'm really excited about. Making my pictures look more warm or just more emotion in the picture. Like this photo! A really Tumblr vibe.  I made this picture because of the fotografille photo week for serious request with the theme music. I think it turned out really good and I'm actually really proud of it! Hehe

So that was it for today! I hope you all have a wonderful 2015!
Until next time!

What are your goals for 2015?



  1. Bijna elk doel herken ik wel, en leuk om dat zo met foto's te weergeven! Ik wil meer DIY projecten doen en ik wil ook echt meer koken! Een leuk lijstje heb je ervan gemaakt!

  2. Leuke doelen! Mooie foto's ook erbij ;D
    Birgit x

  3. I love your goals! Specially the ones about taking more pictures of sunsets and baking more! I have also done a similar post in my blog, I invite you to take a look at it ;)

  4. Cook and bake more... I hear you. Nu nog leren koken xD

    PS. Ik geef momenteel een pakket weg met verschillende webshops. Zin om mee te doen? :)

  5. haha leuk! zeker dat van die tumblr foto's..! En DIY's ook eigenlijk, ben ook net een blog begonnen. Best nog moeilijk allemaal hoor.. x lotte


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