Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Black & White

Hello y'all! I've been loving black and white photos lately! So today I'm going to share some of the photos I took the past few weeks! In black and white! Enjoy!

Maybe you already know this. But I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift her new album 1989. Non stop on repeat! Love it! Every time I hear 'Blank Space' I begin to sing 'Style' after! Haha

Baking! And really important: Eating it! Hahaha. This is a chocolate pie with caramel and biscuit! NOM!

The snow melted here in the Netherlands. I like to look back on the pictures I took in Finland when it was snowing there. (My mom made this picture when I was playing ice hockey actually haha!)

Photo of myself in a blogpost!? What! Yes, I've been trying to make good outfit pictures lately. And some of them worked out good, but I'm still figuring things out. YEAY

Books, I'm trying to hold on with writing things down in my 'Q&A a day' book. 365 questions in 5 year... Really difficult to remember every day. But I'm trying to. ALSO about books. I have been working on my scrapbook lately and I like how it's turning out! I will make a blogpost about it soon!

Another pie! One way or another (I'm gonna find ya!) every week we bake things. 2 weeks ago I made a butter cake! One of my favorites! This one turned out really crumbly... A good reason to practice A LOT! (Anna remember to work out!)

Hehe another try! As I said I'm figuring things out and I'm completely fine with it! Noticed something? Yes I wear contacts here! My face looks more round with my contacts in and I like the way it looks!

This photo is also from when I was in Finland.
I love the way it looks in black and white!

That was everything for today! I hope y'all liked it!
Until next time!

Do you like black & white photography?



  1. B&W heeft zo'n leuk sfeertje! En wat een gave boomhut! Ik droom duz echt al van boomhutten, since i was a little kid. Je taart ziet er ook hemels uit! Omnomnomnomnom....


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