Sunday, January 11, 2015

Current favorites January!

Hey! I'm back again! This week was really busy, school started which was not really fun. Yesterday (Saturday) was my sister her Birthday party. Which was really fun! But also a little busy. Today I have my current favorites for you!
Let's go!

Yes I was really busy yesterday! With eating cake, hehe! The cake in the middle is called "Mississippi mud pie" My favourite! (Actually I like all of them, But the mud pie was too good!).

The best place to be today. A really cool book! Every page is filled with beautiful pictures and cool information about different things to do every day of the year! I am definitely going to use this book for upcoming trips!

These earrings! I got them from my aunt when I was in Finland. So cute!

Dumle candy! Milk chocolate filed with Toffee! So good! They are from Finland. I bought them when I was there. And half a week later they were all gone! (I was trying to save them... Not happend hehe)

Candeh candeh

 I actually wanted to show you the chocolate itself. But it was already too late...

For my sister her birthday she is getting a new room. And I tought this owl was too cute! My mother made it and we put it in her bed rail!

This is a screencapture I took out of my latest video about my holiday in Finland! It looks so nice with the snow falling! Here in the Netherlands there is no snow anymore :( Is there snow where you live?

That was it for todays post. I hope you liked it!
See you soon!

What are you obsessed with lately?


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