Saturday, January 03, 2015

My week in... Finland ~ Christmas holiday

Hi, So I'm back in the Netherlands again! The past 10 days I've been in Finland!  Today I'm going to share some snapshots I took during the holidays! There was snow so be prepared for some cold pictures! Haha

The first day of Christmas. It was snowing outside! So we had a white Christmas. Our family arrived at my grandpa his place (where we stayed). We had fun and Santa was visiting us for a little moment!

He brought some presents for all of us! I got quite a few things like chocolate, some beauty things and more. I'm really thankful for all of that. It was nice that we could spend some time with the family because we haven't seen them in a while. Maybe I'm going to post some things I got later on this upcoming days so stay tuned for that! :)

The next few days I  didn't really shoot that kind of much pictures. But I filmed some things, and I'm going to make a video about the days I was in Finland  :)

The 26th we went out for a walk because it was beautiful outside! The sun was shining bright and the snow was sparkling!

The sky was really clear and the sun was going down slowly. (at 2 PM!)

Sun and snow! So nice!

Every time I see this sort of trees I think about broccoli! Am I the only one?

By the way, these pictures are taken in a suburb of the city we stayed. In the middle/south part of Finland.

When I saw this bench I was like YEAY! Because it was the only bench in our walk which was still completely covered with snow. And don't you think the children in the back playing is a little cute. Haha

Beautiful day!

I would love to have this tree house!


The days after were just busy with our family. Like visiting my cousin her new house on the countryside which was really beautiful! We also did some shopping! I bought a new coat from Vero Moda! In turquoise, blue...... Favorite colour!
Anna think about your goals...

The last real day of our holiday was preparing for New years eve! Baking cupcakes! Chocolate and just normal cupcakes.

*picture by Sofie


00:00! 2015! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

After the fireworks we went inside again and had some glow light fun! Together with my cousins! It was really nice!

The next day we went home and that was everything. Most of the time was spending time with family which was really nice. But now I'm going to enjoy my last few days of this holiday. And sleeping a lot hehe...

And soon there will be up the video about this holiday! So hopefully I see you soon! Until next time!

What have you been doing lately?



  1. Wauw, het ziet er daar echt super uit! Ik zou ook zo graag een keer in de kerstvakantie naar zo’n winterland willen gaan met veel sneeuw en mooie houten huisjes.

  2. Wat gaaf dat je in Finland bent geweest! De foto's zijn echt serieus prachtig, ik wil er nu ook naartoe! Leuke blog, ik volg je nu via bloglovin! XO

  3. Wat gaaf dat je in Finland bent geweest!

  4. Wat een mooie foto's zeg, het ziet er daar echt prachtig uit!


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