Saturday, January 31, 2015

Photo diary: Tea, School and food :)

Do you like tea? I do, actually since a year now. Before I thought it was too hot and too sweet haha! I really like black tea with fruits. ANYWAY I want to make a photo diary so let's jump into this!

I started last week or something with the photo diary and to be really honest. It was hard to capture everything I wanted. There was a really nice sunrise one day. But I was driving on my bike and was in a hurry (of course)... Better luck next time hehe..

This picture^. Was from my homework and the bracelet I was wearing that day. I thought it looked pretty hehe!

Ah cookie! I really like these from Lidl! Cookies and tea! Perfect combination.. My favorite cookies are actually triple chocolate cookies! Chocolate is just way too good haha!

'If life gives you lemons make lemonade"
We were eating calamers (squid). And we sprinkled lemon juice over it! It tastes so good! It gives the calamers a little bite :)

School  work... I was really busy the past few weeks. But luckily it's going to be a little less busy the upcoming weeks :)

Perfect picture! Chocolate croissants and tea in 1 picture! Haha

Homework and music! In this picture 'Dancing queen' was playing! 
I love ABBA music!

I had to watch the lasagna and I was actually too hungry to watch it! I ate just like normal that day (actually I'm always in the mood to eat). I was happy to eat lasagna haha! YUM! (especially my moms hehe)


Shopping! Really excited and happy about what I got!
Btw did you see the theme around my pictures? Really light and faded. I'm trying things out with my editing program. I think it looks good but I like more colour... It's good to try new things out!

Until next time!



  1. Hahaha, I watch my food getting microwaved as well :-) And yes, every moment is a chocolate moment, so good.

  2. Leuk! Abba is inderdaad echt een leuke band, ik ben er mee opgegroeid met dank aan mijn pa haha x


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