Thursday, February 05, 2015

Moomin Childhood

So with Christmas (sounds like yesterday!?). My mother got 2 other mugs from the Arabia Moomin collection. And I became obsessed with them... 
It made me thinking about how much I actually love Moomin stuff.
So today I share my story about the Moomins. Because I basically grew up with them hihi :)

When I was small I used to watch the Finnish version of the movies on video tape. YES VIDEO TAPE! Finnish because I'm half Finnish (Yes I can speak a little Finnish hehe). I think it's a good way to learn a language! ANYWAY this is a DVD I still have and I still love watching it haha!

(stuffed Moomin of course ;)
The Moomins are created by Tove Jansson. She is a Swedish speaking Finnish novelist, painter and illustrator. Everywhere in Finland they basically know the Moomins. They really belong to the Finnish culture I think.

(little My is the girl in the red part of the mug) 

So when I was younger my cousins and I used to play the Moomins when we were younger. I was always little My (Pikku Myy) because I was the smallest :)
I also once went with my parents to the Moomi Park.
Yes, the Moomins were a big part of my childhood haha!

So the mugs are so cute I think! They are from Arabia which is a Finnish brand. And these mugs perfectly fit our tableware :) We have eight of them. The newest one is my favorite:

I don't have a bigger picture (aargh). But it is a winter mug :) Which is really cute! Even tough I really want summer right now... Perfect to drink my tea in!

Until next time!

Did you know about the Moomins?


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  1. Aaaah de Moomins waren zo cute <3 Super schattig al die goodies, vooral de bekers <3


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