Monday, February 23, 2015

My 2 favorite breakfast/lunch snack ideas

Today I share some of my favorite snack ideas for when I'm a little hungry. I made all these things with leftovers and thing which were easy to find in the supermarket! Let's get into this!

Spicy Pasta mash up:

The first recipe, you can turn it into something completely different but this is how I like it. I used leftover pasta (penne) and an egg. For extra spice I added this spices mix, which I got in German. You can also use Italian spices or something like that. I also added curry, but you can use ketchup or cheese. Just add whatever you like! (I warmed up the pasta, curry and spices together and added the egg after that).

Hooray for the amazing egg in this photo! This was my result. It was really good! Even tough it doesn't look that fancy haha!

Fancy fruits yogurt:

What I used was Greek yogurt. Turkish yogurt is also really good! The difference? Greek yogurt is more smooth and a little less sweet. Turkish yogurt isn't that smooth it makes me think of ice cream. Turkish yogurt is more sweet. I added a little bit of sugar because I used Greek yogurt. And of course added my fruit which was blueberries. In summer I like to add fresh strawberries or raspberries. Anything you like!

With Greek yogurt (and better lighting hehe)

With Turkish yogurt. NOM

I hope you liked this little post!
If you try out any of these things send me a picture on my instagram!
I'll see you soon!



  1. ohh... ziet er lekker uit! Vooral die tweede! Ik heb nog nooit turkse yoghurt geprobeerd, smaakt het heel anders dan gewone yoghurt?

    1. Turkse yoghurt heeft een schepijs structuur en is dus niet zo vloeibaar. De smaak is minder zuur, wat ik erg fijn vind hehe :) Eerder aan de zoete kant dus in vergelijking met andere soorten yoghurt. Leuk dat je hebt gereageerd! Liefs


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