Sunday, February 08, 2015

My goals for 2015 - January RECAP

Last December I made some goals for 2015. So now I have a recap of the goals from the first month of 2015!

Really happened! I'm actually really proud of myself about that haha! I got a leather jacket today. And I'm also wearing more colours like red, purple and green :)

The Sunsets were not that kind of colourful these days. The sunrises were beautiful! But every time I was in a hurry so that didn't worked out great hehe.

BUT the clouds were beautiful! Hihi

If you mean re-decorating my room than YES!

Bake more... YES definitely happened! And everything turned out really good!

I baked cookies with my friends yesterday and they were so good! (uhum maybe a new video coming up! :))

Also worked out good! We had some birthday parties this month and I did some cool things with my friends :) But this month I want to spend time with some friends I didn't see in a long time!

Well, I you mean fire works... Yes again!

Fireeeeeeework! *Katy Perry

Uhm I think it worked out good but not perfect in my eyes. I'm still figuring things out...

Moomin! Yeay!

So that was it for today's post!
See you soon!

Are your goals turning out good? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Heel erg leuk artikel, en leuke goals!

  2. Leuk artikel en leuke doelen!
    Knap dat je het zo goed gedaan hebt allemaal:)
    Liefs Lonneke

  3. Leuke doelen! Ik wil ook graag meer gaan koken, zou wel handig zijn als ik er wat van kan aangezien ik binnenkort uit huis ga, hihi x


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