Monday, February 16, 2015

Scrapbook life :) | How to Tips & Tricks

My scrapbook, my blog. Online but now also offline! The past few weeks I have been busy with filling my scrapbook (real touchable haha). Today I share my favorite tips and tricks with you for making your own scrapbook!

First things first. I used a photo book for this project with just blank white papers. I got this one from Hema (which is a dutch store). You can use a notebook. Whatever you like! I prefer a big book for ultimate use ;).

What you need for your scrapbook:

a photo/scrapbook or notebook
magazines and photo's
a pair of scissors
decorations like washi-tape and stickers

I made pages in my scrapbook with only self made pictures. But also collages with magazine illustrations. I like to mix colours and different sizes. Like you see here above.

Motivation is fun to use! Like these walking shoes from Nike and the word GOOD :) It makes your collage really positive! Places you want to travel to, stuff you  want to get. Be positive!

Simple can be perfect too! Mix colours together to get a calm vibe! The washi-tape here fits good with the picture I think!

Use only things you like! That way it can't go wrong! I like things like beauty, fashion, travel places and cool gadgets! And of course FOOD!

Just have fun with it! That's the most important I think. 
Scrapbooking (is that a word?) is a good way to relax and it's really fun to do!

I hope you all liked this post and I'll see y'all soon!

Do you have a scrapbook? Or are you planning on making a scrapbook?



  1. Heel erg leuk! Ik heb dit ook een hele lange tijd gedaan.

  2. Such nice tips! Thanks :)

  3. Ik ben nog wel van plan om een keer een scrapbook te gaan maken, lijkt me erg leuk om te doen :D

  4. love it!


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