Tuesday, March 17, 2015

7 things I'm excited about :)

Hello y'all! So there are coming up some pretty exciting things! And today I share some of them. 7 because that's my lucky number! Let's go!

This summer! There is going to be a Minion movie! Only minions in one movie!!!  I think minions are the cutest thing ever! And yes, I did got a Happy meal a few summers back to get the minion haha! 

Traveling! Not really going into a plane. But I'm going to Maastricht with school which I'm excited about! I have never been there (most south place in the Netherlands). We are going there for one day and I can't wait! I will write a blogpost about it! (maybe a video!?)

Scrapbooking makes me just feel so relaxed. And I got some magazine's for in my scrapbook! So now I can do more collage's! So much fun!

Time to finish a book... I haven't read a book in a long time, and I really would love to. But it has been a really busy time. And since it's going to be a little bit less busy, maybe I'll find some!

Since spring is (a little bit) coming up, I like to grow plants in my room. They make me feel like it's already spring. Which I'm so looking forward to!

Making more video's for my YouTube channel! I absolutely love making video's! It takes a lot of effort. But I'll make more time!

Jumping on the trampoline when it's nice outside! I love jumping on our trampoline! It's feels like you can fly! Haha, love it!
As you can tell I'm pretty excited about spring and summer!

That was it for today's post! I have a really busy week. Today I have an English test! But next week I'll have a more relaxed week with the Maastricht trip! If you know any cool places in Maastricht like cool Hotspots! Let me know!!!

I'll see you soon!

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