Thursday, March 19, 2015

My favorite Finnish candy

Hello! How are you? I'm right now busy with eating some of the candy I'm showing you today! They are from Finland!

So if you follow me for a while now you probably remember these picture's. They were from when I got back from Finland with Christmas. Anyway, these Dumle candy's are really sweet. They are chocolate candy's with toffee inside. Really good!

They are already gone for a long time haha! After a week to be honest (oops).


These candy are called Pantteri (panther). You have them in different kind of tastes. My dad and I like the black ones. They are in salty liquorice. A taste which is only common in the Netherlands, Germany and the Nordic countries. I love it!

They also have coloured ones with another taste. When I was small they also had different kind of black ones. They were so good. The soft black ones are with in the pantteri mix only. These ones (on the picture) are harder. Luckily my sister loves the coloured ones! So she can eat all of those. Sadly I didn't got the change to photograph them. They were already gone haha!


I don't understand why these candies are only available in Sweden and Finland! So good! As well as my favorite chocolate bar. Karl Fazer chocolate! This is the original one. I love it! Always milk chocolate. There are so many stories behind this chocolate to me. Christmas without this chocolate is not a real Christmas! Haha

They have all different kind of these chocolate bars! I also love the chocolate bar with salted cashew nuts! They are so amazing!

the hallelujah moment.....

That was everything for today! If you want to know more about my trip to Finland click here and here...
And I'll see you soon!


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  1. Wat een heerlijke chocolade en dropjes, krijg er spontaan zin in! :-)


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