Monday, March 09, 2015

Pies for celebrations are always good....

So as you probably already know is that my blog is 1 year old! Last Saturday (7 March) exactly. So I made a pie (my mom helped too hehe). And this is the result!

So here I have some snapshots from my work in progress. I made a blood orange cake!

At first the dough for the under part.

To keep the shape, we had to put these dried peas in. 

We made the filling with blood oranges, which I made an article about. You can read it here if you want.

With filling in the oven again.

After baking we put powdered sugar on the cake and caramelized it with this burner thing (really cool!!!)

And after that little in the dark photoshoot (40 photo's!). I of course had to taste it hehe. It was really sweet, but nice. We are going to fine tune it a little more next time, but it was a good pie!

So that was it for today! Do you like the fact that I'm having an article every other day? I really do!
I see you soon!


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