Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring! - Baking contest and Busy days

Hello! Spring is officially here! (even tough I doesn't look like it yet here...) Today is a really exciting day! My mom is in the final of a baking contest! I'm so proud! Anyway: Today I share some spring inspiration!

These green photo's are taken last week. We were visiting friends and they had these amazing flowers in their living room! We had a really fun evening!

About that baking contest. My mother did not expected at all to be in the finals (I knew she was going to, she is amazing). And when she got contacted she was going to be in the finals, she was surprised. So today are the finals. I think she is going to win! I have a feeling haha! Anyway: MOM GOOD LUCK (I know you will win)!

Last Friday I was at my friends house and she had these gorgeous roses. We wear busy filming for a school project.
And I think of doing this photo as the background of my laptop! I love it!


This next week will be very busy. I have to make 2 videos with my friends. And they have to be done and edited everything the 2nd of April which is really soon... I'm kind of stressed out about that. But, I'm going to Maastricht Friday! I'm really looking forward to it!

I'll see you all soon!

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