Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Weekend food diary #1

To be honest, you should not read this post if you are hungry. Because you will get hungry :) Today I share what I ate last weekend!

On Friday I was early done from school. So I lunched at home. Always better because than I can eat whatever I want.

I made myself some noodles in my favorite Blond Amsterdam mug.

And I was hungry so I also got three crackers and some tomatoes. I had two whole grain crackers and one cheese cracker. And let me tell you, those whole grain crackers were amazing! (for the dutch people, Albert Heijn)

I was in the tea mood that Friday! I love drinking out of this moomin mug! So cute and Summer-ish! 

And talking about the Finnish moomins. Karl Fazer chocolate! I saved this chocolate from when I was in Finland. I love it, so of course I had to eat a few pieces.

In the evening I was eating this delicious chicken schnitzel. And what was left from the spinach ricotta pie. Both my favorite :)

And paprika!


For breakfast on Saturday, I had two slices of bread. I put this marzipan on my bread. Really sweet, but so good!

For lunch I had one of those whole grain crackers, again. They are just so good!

My mom made some amazing waffles! With much powdered sugar! NOM

For dinner we had this pie with meat and other good stuff inside :)

And for dessert I had triple chocolate ice and also stroopwafel ice. Stroopwafel ice is so good! Sweet, but good :)


On Sunday we always start with baked croissant and fresh pressed orange juice. This time we had blood orange juice. Always good to start the day with.

For lunch I had these two little white breads. And I put sun dried tomatoes (tapenade) over them. I love tomatoes!

For a little snack in the forest I had this delicious stroopwafel. Dutch speciality :)

And this not so fancy looking dinner was also good. Potato gratin, carrots and a chicken burger.

For dessert I had this amazing pie! Which I made an article about here. Because on Saturday it was this blog it's first birthday, celebration! So good!

So that was everything for today! I hope you liked it! I really enjoyed making the picture's and writing this post! I'll see you soon!


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