Monday, April 27, 2015

33 things to do when you are bored.

Hooray! Today is Kingsday here in the Netherlands! I have grown up loving it! Going to street markets. Everyone sitting on the ground with their old stuff! Me trying to find something cute! But if you are not planning on doing anything (not only for kingsday). I have some tips for when you are bored!

1. Read a book!
2. Bake or cook something. And eat it ;)
3. Clean up, it feels good!

4. Go outside! Fresh air helps with getting new ideas.
5. Go explore your own city/town! Maybe you'll find something cool!
6. Make a scrapbook/journal! (I'm busy with a travel journal right now! Results will follow soon!)

7. Be creative! Make art! Doesn't matter how it turns out, Have Fun!
8. Go green! Grow your own plants/vegetables
9. Eat something you love! (doing that all the time...)
10. Go on Pinterest or Weheartit! Search for inspiration!

11. Make a high tea with and for your friends/family
12. Make pictures/do a photo shoot.
13. Wake up early to see the sun rising!
14. Stay up late to see the sun going down!
15. Write a story.
16. Make a photo album! Online is nice, but in a real photo album is even better!
17. Search for cool YouTube video's!
18. Go out for a run!

as you can see I've been trying things out with editing, do you like it?

19. Go skateboarding, cycling, walking!
20. Make a road trip in your neighbourhood!
21. Make a blog! Or start a YouTube channel!
22. Dance on Taylor Swift her song 22!
23. Dance on any other song you like!
24. Search for cool blogs!
25. Play a game! Sims or a board game!
26. Watch tutorials on YouTube and try them!
27. Make a wish list (I like to do that on Polyvore)
28. Go to a museum (Fun fact: I love history)
29. Make a collage or mood board!

30. Watch back at old photo's! You will laugh ;)
31. Learn more about your camera or specialize yourself in something. (photoshop, html)
32. Go do something with family!
33. Make a list of things you can do when you are bored. (Like I did hehe)

That was everything I could think of! Let me know what you do when you're bored! I'll see you soon!


I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

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