Monday, April 13, 2015

Anna's Weekly - Spring, hair & school...

Helloooooo! I've had a beautiful day here in the sunny Netherlands! Today I have a Anna's weekly. Because there has been going on a lot!

I've been busy with my lay-out a lot! And I think I like how it's turning out for so far! I've been busy with designing and html codes. Believe me... A LOT!
I even dreamed about html haha! I was busy with the 'read more' button. But also the image when someone anonymous or without a profile picture, comments on my blog! And more... I love it!

For school, not my favorite subject. Everything is going extremely well I think! English is going good :) An eight for a reading test is quite perfect I think!

Also this weather right now! 22 degrees! Ultimate spring feelings here haha!

I was searching in my crafting case for some things, and I found a little book filled with photograph's from when I was something like 4. When they didn't really had digital photo camera's. I love this picture! It was from my trip with my grandpa & grandma to the Efteling! I took this picture by myself! Really proud haha! I think analog pictures are really nice!

 Two things in one! Actually three things, because those sunglasses I wear are so cool I think! (Lidl no shame at all ;))

My hair is finally shorter again! I love it, I feel like it gives my hair more volume and a figure! ANYWAY, Spotify! My love, my everything. We have the premium version and I use it every day. My favorite songs at the moment:

Worth it - Fifth harmony, Reflection - Fifth harmony
Bridges - Broods
Cheerleader Felix Jeahn remix - Omi
Dear future husband - Meghan Trainor (love her and yes that's a song title!)

Another analog picture! I think I'm going to buy a disposable camera! Just for fun! What do you think of analog photography?

That was everything for today!
Until next time!

How are you?

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