Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blossoms & Amazing cookies!

Yeay I'm back! I've been busy with some cool stuff around my blog! Lay-out is getting more different and I love it! Today some picture's from a few days ago when we had lovely weather and beautiful blossoms! Let's go!

Yes, I went kind of crazy as you can see! I took my mom with me to this beautiful blossom lane. I was perfectly in time, because the next day it was really rainy! Lucky me!

Another 'lucky me' moment! These cookies! Extremly good! Butter Brazil nut & Date cookies! Heaven! Also a bonus point they are fair trade, and the packaging is recycled! by van strien (Albert Heijn)

A flower in my plants yeay! Spring has sprung!

Chicken pasta salad! My favorite!

'Clear' sky! Beautiful!

I hope you liked this post! How are you?
I'll see you all soon!
Until than, Byeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Stunning photos! Love the flowers a lot.

  2. Wauw! Wat een ontzettend mooie foto's <3 Prachtig!

  3. Wauw wat een gave foto's! Heel mooi en knap gefotografeerd! :)


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