Sunday, April 05, 2015

DIY: Easter Inspiration - What to do with Easter?

Hello everyone! Yesterday was all about being creative in this house! I was painting and drawing, and my sister and her friend were painting eggs. SO today I have some Easter DIY's! (do it yourself)

First I'm going to show you how to draw/paint this pinterest inspired cute chicken ''artwork''.

You need: a blank paper, watercolor (aquarelle paint), a black pencil/marker and a good mood ;)

You are going to make spots on you paper. I used this old watercolor paint. You don't have to make it perfect, just a spot is good enough.

Make as many if you want. I choose to make 6. I played around with different colors. Yellow, pink and green are the most Easter colors I think.

I also made grass, for the extra spring vibe :)

I drew a black line around the spot to accentuate the chicken it's body shape.

I used different colors for the bodies as you can see. Orange and red. Green and yellow.

I drew legs and faces.! I think they look really well :)

Some curls here and there.

And the Easter letters. I first drew them with a pencil. And after that I over lined that with a black marker. PS: excuse me for the weird 'S' ;)

That's everything for this painting! Really fun to do :)
(with kids, but also for yourself ;) )

Talking about being in the creative mood....

You need: a blank paper, watercolor (aquarelle paint), stickers, scissors and again a good mood :)

For this marble looking effect you have to make sure your brush is not too wet. other wise it doesn't come out that nice.

Can I say I was pretty proud of myself... hehe, a rainbow marble effect!

Doodle around with paint. I love to do this. After that I cut everything out and stuck them on my marble background.

The result... :)

Paint your eggs!
My sister her friend (Yannicke) her eggs! So cute!

If you want to paint eggs nice and even, use white eggs.

Fun! Stick stickers on the eggs. My sister made a chicken!

A galaxy egg!

An Easter bunny egg! How cute!

Now on to:

What to do with Easter?

Make an Easter brunch! Or make a high tea!
Food is always good with holiday's!

Just relax! Stay in bed with a warm cup of tea. Or go outside for a walk!

Make a scrapbook! My favorite activity right now! Be creative and enjoy!

That was everything for today! I hope you all have a nice Easter holiday. And even if you don't celebrate Easter! Have a good day!

If you got inspired by this post or made something similar? Make sure to send me a picture on Instagram with the #diywithanna27

I'll see you all soon!

What are you doing with Easter?



  1. Ahhh love this! So original, creative & cute. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday :) xx

  2. Wat een leuke en originele idee├źn, het ziet er super leuk uit <3

  3. Wat leuk, superschattig met die eitjes!


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