Monday, April 20, 2015

Eyeliner Review & Spring essentials


Hello! Spring, my favorite season (after summer of course). The ultimate time for waterproof eyeliner! Today I review one from Yves Rocher and I share my spring essentials!



I ordered the blue one a few weeks ago. It is the Yves Rocher waterproof eye pencil in the shade 'bleu'. My mom already had the green (vert, (really french...)) one. The green one is more metalic looking. The blue one has no shimmer.

Here are the swatches. I think they are really well pigmented. The point is really soft which makes it easy to 'draw' on the skin. On my eyes it looks the same. I only have to get used to the feeling of the point. I'm used to a thinner one, but that's just something I have to practise with. They stay on for a good 8 hour day. They are definently waterproof, these swatches stayed on the whole day. Until I washed them of with baby shampoo (sensitive for the eyes).


The point is rotateable. The only downside is that after a while the point will get a little more flat. But overall it is a good waterproof eyeliner! It normally costs €9,90 but they have it on sale now for €4,95. You can buy it here (NL), here (USA) or in any (offline, hehe) other Yves Rocher shop.

Spring essentials!:


Really easy to say, I'm proud of these pictures! I think they look  really nice clean and light! Haha ANYWAY: My Essentials:
Minnie ears, because who cares how I walk around in house ;) Not really but they are cute!
Babylips, lipbalm addict much? NOOO (Uhm)
Colorful braclet, Everyone needs one to spice up that boring outfit!
Analog camera, not using it but it's hard to get my DSLR on a photo when I make a photo with my DSLR ( you get it?)


Kohl kajal eyeliner which I use for under my eyes in a mint green color (Catrice as you can see). The metalic green from YR is too heavy for my eyes I think.
Sticky notes book thing from HEMA. Because my brains can't handle everything I have to think about.
Book from Jane Castello: All the single ladies. Review will follow when I've read it. For so far (page 23) a good book!


That was everything for this post today! I hope you all had a nice weekend!
I'll see you soon!


  1. Wat een vrolijke kleurtjes allemaal!

  2. Oh, ik wil zo graag een analoge camera, jaloers!


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