Thursday, April 09, 2015

Story: A car to dream about

Hello! Today I'm going to tell you a little story from when I was in Paris. It was a beautiful family trip... We were walking in one of the expensive streets in Paris. The street of the Four Seasons hotel.

Avenue George V
We were walking for already a long time. Searching for the arc du triomphe. Emidiately after we walked into this street, we saw the four seasons hotel. Nice cars stopping in front of the hotel door and door-keepers running arround with bags. Many bags... Filled with toys and clothes wrapped in paper.

Old bugatti's, there were even more... My dad was not freaking out, but you know like every other man. ''Wow Anna look at that car, an old Bugatti!''
So of course I had to take a picture :)

20 steps further, my sister started to jump. ''Look, it's a Fiat 500 white with a black roof!'' The car of my sisters dreams... We hadn't seen that kind of Fiat 500 in the Netherlands before. They were quite new that time. So, I was taking a picture of my sister next to the Fiat 500.
Next to the Fiat there stood a Rolls Royce. The owner of that Rolls Royce car came out of the four seasons hotel. He took his remote control and opened his suicide doors. Meanwhile my sister was still posing.

My father said:'' Oh look, a Rolls Royce!'' The man started to talk to my father. ''I like this car because it's so exclusive!'' Watching at my sister, still posing in front of the Fiat 500.

We laughed, the man was asking for attention. He probably toughed we were stupid. Taking a picture of a Fiat 500 and not of his Rolls Royce.

He was asking attention with his dream car. While my sister was posing with her dream car. SO, don't judge anyone on their dreams.

We laughed! That's the most important thing!
See you all soon!

Have you ever had a fun experience like this? Let me know!



  1. Wow amazing pictures you took there! I am going to paris with my exam year soon and I am looking forward to it because I already know it's going to be sooo amazing!

  2. Stunning photos and fun stories :) looks like you had a wonderful time

  3. Haha wat grappig! X Laura


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