Friday, May 29, 2015

My thoughts on Flow Magazine

Hello people! On the way back to the Netherlands (if you didn't know yet, I went to Austria!) I had a magazine left! Flow Magazine, I was really excited to read it. So today I share my thoughts on this magazine.

Flow magazine is originally dutch. Which makes it easy to get here in the Netherlands (side note: this flow you see is in Dutch) They have a really cute site which you can find here. There are several Flow magazines, Dutch, German, France and English. And they ship all around the world.

This was my first Flow magazine. I heard a lot positives things from it the past year. SO for the trip to Austria I finally got one :)

I like the way you can really personalise your magazine (No, I can't write like Courier new, I edited it after ;))

Doesn't this look cute!

I think this is a perfect magazine for me. It's not that typical girl magazine with famous people and how to do your make-up blablabla (altough I sometimes like to read Cosmopolitan) Things about a simple lifestyle, envorinment friendly, minimalistic.

And it has literally a perfect amount of illustrations, yes I can't wait for the new one :) PS: also really photogenic ;)

I think it's really nice that 'normal people' (I mean not celebrity people) also get interviewed in the magazine. You get to learn a lot! I like it!

Have you ever heard of Flow magazine? And what is your favorite magazine?

I hope you liked this little post! I'll see you soon!

this is my opinion not sponsored in any way. I'm just really excited about this magazine!


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  1. Lijkt me een leuke magazine. Echt iets voor jou. :p


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