Monday, May 11, 2015

My week in... Austria | Day 1&2

Hello hello! The past week I've been in Austria(!) and this week I'll tell you what I've been doing there! I had so much fun! I hope you enjoy it!

First of, Austria

As you can see in the middle of Europe. A beautiful country famous of its mountains and rivers (Donau, which I'll talk about in my next post).

The first day, we (me, my sister & parents) woke up at 4am. We took our car and drove away! It was really early so we had a really nice sunrise! The fog! So pretty. A nice beginning of the day!

Snacks on the way, TOMATOES! I love them, so healthy and so good! (candy tomatoes in dutch) I also ate a lot of red paprika's! NOM! It was a trip of 13 hours so I definently needed a snack :)

Not only healthy, My mom made brownies and apple pie-on the go :). Her brownies are perfection... Maybe a blogpost idea! Snacks on the go... :)

The view from a parking place we stopped. To make a quick stretch the legs game (hehe, running around like idiots. Nobody knows you, haha) -  The beginning of the hills! It was a little cloudy, still beautiful!

We arrived around 6pm and the first thing I noticed, SPRING. Before we went to Austria, everything here in the Netherlands was a little 'not-spring yet'. (Now it luckily is!) So I was happy to see all the nice flowers and greens popping out!

We stayed at my mother's aunt and uncle, in the neighborhood of Vienna (you will see more about Vienna in upcoming posts!). It was so nice to stay at their house! They have a farmhouse with a big garden! We talked a little and went to bed.

The second day, we went out for a walk, Basically in the middle of nowhere. I like it! So quite and peaceful. Something I really miss in the Netherlands.

I woke up with a bad feeling in my throat and nose. My mother her aunt has cats, which I'm normally a little allergic too. But also hay fever, grrr... The combination was a little irritating. But these beautiful flowers made everything better!

Ah this view! I miss it already!

Dutch tulips in Austrian gardens. Funny I think :)

Oh so peaceful...

We stayed around the house this day. I became a little sick in the evening. We went to the doctor because I felt like not able to breath. I know it sounds really dramatic ;) But I got something for the hay fever and went to bed with a better feeling :)

And that was everything for these two days! The upcoming post will be more active! In a way of sightseeing/culture! You'll see soon!

Until next time!

Have you ever been to Austria?!



  1. Wat een heerlijke vakantiefoto's zeg! En wat een prachtige omgeving!


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