Thursday, May 14, 2015

My week in... Austria | Day 3&4

Hello hello! How are you? Today I have day 3&4 of my trip to Austria! Much culture for this post! I hope you like it!


As soon as we had eaten our breakfast. We headed over to Melk. A place really near the river Donau.

We walked a little along the riverside. The Donau is the second longest river in Europe (2829 km). 

This is Stift Melk. A beautiful abbey on a hill in Melk, next to the Donau.

This monument stands near the Donau in Melk. It shows the height of the water from the Donau has flooded in several years. In 2013 was a big flood. Really impressive to see! The 2013 plate came above my waist!

Streets of Melk (funny: melk means 'milk' in Dutch)

We went into the abbey. Stift Melk has a church, library, museum and a Secondary & Preparatory School. 

The abbey in small! We went to the museum and got a guided tour which was really interesting! In German (luckily we get German in school!). Our guide was also named Anna!

Do you think this is a real curved ceiling? It actually isn't! The under part is a little curved, but the upper part is painted like it is! Funny!

The view from above! Really nice!

The view, as you can see the Donau. Hills, water, typical East Austria

Sadly, it wasn't allowed to photograph in the library. That was amazing! But we didn't know what was next...

This church! Holy schnitzel, that was a lot of gold! Really impressive also!

After our walk in Stift Melk. We decided to go eat something. We went to a bakery ( Bäckerei&Konditorei Teufner Bäckerei Teufner GmbH & Co KG. Abt Karl-Straße 98 3390 Melk). Which was really good! I highly recommend that place! Of course I had a strawberry pie! So good!

My mother had a 'kardinalschnitte' which was also GOOD!

And when we went outside, we decided to get an icecream too! I had Nutella and strawberry! NOM!


I started of with exploring the garden from my mother her aunt and uncle. So many flowers and plants....

And their cat! I'm not really a cat (or any pet) person. But I thought she looked really funny :) She liked to climb in the tree while we were eating outside.

After we had lunch, we went to Schallaburg to see an exhibition about vikings!

In the middle of the picture you see something funny ;) The owner of the Schallaburg didn't wanted to pay the work (you see here above) which was done. So the man who made it. Did something really funny :)

It was a cool exhibition! Did you know that, the vikings wore really colorful clothes? There were only 5 viking helmets found in Sweden? Viking helmets don't have horns? So much cool information! Sadly, we don't know much about the vikings. Because they didn't wrote anything down! Only monks who got robbed wrote things about them.

We spent a long time around the Schallaburg. It has a nice garden and playground! Where we (me, my sister & my mother her aunt and uncle's grand child) of course had to stay to show of our climbing skills :)

At last, my mom took my camera to snap this sunset! It was really nice!

That was everything for these two days! They were really nice I think!!! Next post will be all about Vienna I think ;). So stay tuned!
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I'll see you soon!!!



  1. Leuke dairy! Die kleurrijke huisjes zien er echt heel erg schattig uit!

  2. Aaah, mooi hoor! Wij gaan ook vaak naar Oostenrijk.

  3. Mooie foto's! Vooral de allerlaatste.


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