Monday, May 18, 2015

My week in... Austria | Day 5&6

Day 5&6! My day in beautiful Vienna and the way back home! Vienna is a beautiful city, which I'll tell you more about today! Enjoy!


Our day started early, we drove to Vienna and found a nice parking place. We had some trouble getting in. But after all, we could find the subway. And ended up in the middle of Vienna!

The St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), the Roman Catholic mother church of Vienna. It's huge!

The inside, was a little disappointing. Especially when you have seen the church in Stift Melk. It was really dark from the inside. The windows were really nice tough! So much color! (the only color in the building:( )

I felt a little small with all these huge buildings...

We were walking to Schwedenplatz, a street with all kinds of restaurants and food stands. While we were walking I was shooting around like crazy! It was such a beautiful day!

The Donau kanal, next to Schwedenplatz!

With all that food surrounding us, we had to get a slice of pizza! I had salami, and it was so good! If you're looking for good food in Vienna, go to Schwedenplatz!

Eissalon am Schwedenplatz, has the best ice in Vienna according to many travel books. Of course I had to test it! And it was really good! I had a strawberry yogurt and a normal strawberry scoop. So good! They also sell other stuff like vegan ice. Cool! (haha word joke ;))

This statue is from Maria Theresia. If it was like the movie 'Night at the museum', you'd better not go there at night ;). Maria Theresia was one of the most powerful women in her time (1717-1780). ANYWAY, on this square (Maria-Theresien-Platz) there are two identical buildings. Nature-historical museum & art-historical museum. We wanted to go the Nature-historical museum, but the weather was too nice!

In the 'volksgarten' we ate a pie and drunk something. We went to the restaurant in the middle of the park. I thought it was not that kind of good. A little disappointing, but we had a nice time!

Volksgarten. Around this white building there were a lot of photographers and models. I understand because the light there was so beautiful!

The parliament building!

Yes, Eurovision songcontest is coming up! In Vienna this year! Which country are you supporting? I don't know yet.. This year I'll be watching it with friends like last year! I'm looking forward to it, always so much fun!

Around 4 pm we arrived with the subway at Schönbrunn. Such a huge palace! The summer residence of Maria Theresia.

Garden of Schönbrunn! Beautiful!

On the hill there is this beautiful building opposite the palace.

The amazing view of Vienna!

It was fun to walk around Schönbrunn!

We drove back to my mother her aunt and uncle.

While we were driving back, we all became hungry (8 pm). So we stopped at a Schnitzel Wirt. And ordered a schnitzel with fries. We got a mountain of schnitzels and fries! So much, and so good! Holy schnitzel!

Nom nom nom nom! (and yes, I ate everything ;))


Our day started with breakfast and saying goodbye to my mother her family. We had a wonderful time staying at their house! Thank you a lot!

On the way back home, my sister and I ate Shaun the sheep cookies! So cute! And  the television program is so funny!

That was everything about my week in Austria! It was such a nice week! We had fun! I hope you liked my posts! I'm planning on making a video too! Let me know if you would like that!

I'll see you soon!

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  1. Ohmen, wat ziet dit er heerlijk uit. Zulk fijn weertje! Geniet ervan!


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