Saturday, June 20, 2015

20 thing clumsy people (like me) can relate to

Yes, I'm definitely clumsy. People around me know that. And it's okay! But there really are some typical situations I'm always into. And today I share some of them with you! 

1. Always having bruises. Being a smurf 24/7
2. Being afraid of the stairs. Falling is my speciality.
3. Better not walking on high heels, otherwise I have to drag a warning sign with the caption 'watch your toes'.
4. Not having the most beautiful legs (scars).
5. Gymnastics at school.. hmm, better not.
6. Lasagna on a white shirt? Very normal...
7. Walking in crowds stresses you out. All those toes...
8. *dancing* OOPS sorry, did I hurt you? *still dancing* Oh sorry... *still dancing* SORRY, I better stop...
9. What is this on my arm? HUH, how did I get this!
10. 'Why don't you have an IPhone?' Have you seen my knees -_-
11. Losing your phone, and then finding it back in your pocket.
12. Wearing your favorite jeans is the biggest risk EVER.
13. Friday the 13th? Don't believe that...
14. Playing with fire? I already burn my finger with putting on a candle!
15. Freaking out because you can't get the WC door open. Then realising you have to turn the lock the other way...
16. What is left and what is right?
17. After a long day you can't speak anymore. 'How was your day?', I ate a tornado, I mean a potato, I mean I had maths.
18. That one chair where you always hurt your toe.
19. Eating too much, but it was so good you couldn't stop.
20. Thinking about how you would walk on a catwalk (Not a good idea...)

Let me know in the comments if you have ever experienced one of these situations. Are you clumsy? (please say yes, so I know I'm not the only one ;P)

I hope you liked it! And I'll see you soon!


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