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''Oh so summer'' TAG! | Anna27scrapbook

Hi! How are you? I don't know how the weather is at your place. But in the Netherlands, it's definitely summer! I LOVE it! Everything is so bright and colorful! Anyway, I saw the 'I love summer tag' swirling around the inter webs. But that was mostly related to beauty, since I don't really wear make-up besides mascara and concealer I decided to make my own summer TAG! Called the ''Oh so summer TAG'' Enjoy!

1. Do you like swimming?
YES, I'm still waiting for my mermaid powers (H2O Just add water, anyone?!)

2. Flip flops or sandals?
Well, I love the way sandals look! But I haven't had them for 5 years I think... So for now I'll do flip flops.

3. What is the current temperature your in?
22´C degrees :) Not too warm but definitely not cold...

4. Your favorite summer fruits?
BLUEBERRIES! Luckily when I bring them to school, I'm the only one of my friends who like them :) Not that I don't want to share... (you know what I mean). I also like strawberries, pineapple & wild peaches...

 Pictures from midnight pizza adventures! Click here for the blog post!

5. Do you like BBQ?
Uhm, yes! Meat, fruits, summer vibes, family & friends... I love summer!

6. Favorite summer music?
1. The wrong direction - Passenger
2. Hey mama - David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
3. It's a beautiful day - Micheal Bublé
4. Hello - Martin Solveig & Dragonette
Various right? I don't really have a specific genré of music haha! Happy songs!

7. Favorite Icecream?
Stroopwaffel (syrupwaffle) & strawberry. But I'm always in for a new one ;)

8. What do you like to do when you're outside?
Eating icecream (of course..), reading a book or swimming!

9. Ultimate summer memory?
Well, I have a lot. But I loved celebrating my birthday (27th of June) together with my niece. Because we are born on the same day (she's older). And the day after we went to the Efteling. Which is like my favorite theme park! (if you didn't know yet :))

10. Favorite dinner on an extremely hot day?
Pasta salad! Or couscous salad! SO GOOD! Maybe I'll post one soon!?

11. How does your dream summer-night look?
Bonfire, beach, music, cool people, guitars....

12. What do you like to wear in summer?
Most of the time shorts, but a dress every now and than is perfect!

13. Which country makes you think the most about summer?
Hawaii! Definitely need to go there for at least once in my life!

14. What is your favorite day in summer? (fourth of July/birthday/midsummer night)
The 27th of June because of my birthday! So exciting! 20 days left :)

15. What are you going to do in your holiday?
Swimming, traveling, swimming, sleeping, having fun, did I say swimming? ;)

You're all tagged to do this tag! All you have to do is fill in the questions, and name my blog :). I think the questions are really fun! And what do you think of the editing? I like it! Really Anna :)

I'll see you soon! Have a good Sunday!


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