Saturday, June 13, 2015

- Summer Storm -

Yes, Shut up and dance from Walk the moon. A song which has been in my head all the time lately! The past few weeks have been really hectic. School is on it's end. Although there are still a few weeks left... ANYWAY, summer is definitely here! Only 14 more days till my birthday!

Oh, today is the 13th, but yesterday I had some bad luck haha! I lost my phone on the way to school. Luckily we got a message that it was found later in the afternoon! I was afraid I had to spend my birthday money on a stupid phone haha! But I don't and I'm so happy!

The weather has been really weird these past few weeks. One day it's 20 degrees, next 30!!! And after 30 (*c) degrees there's a storm. This has been the past 2 weeks haha! But oh so nice!

You see? Angry yet dreamy at the same time!

Something I really like about this weather besides the temperature is summer food! Sometimes a warm dinner is too much. And a salad like this ^ is PERFECT...

Talking about food, I should probably go eat lunch now... I'll see you soon!

Anna :)

How has the weather been at your place? And when starts your holiday/summer break?

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  1. Alweer een leuk blogberichtje. Hé, zie ik daar nou een regenboog? c:


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